Blue Angels Sailing Charter

Want to see the Blue Angels practice from Pensacola Bay? We can make that happen.

Drop Tine

European mount of a mature eight point with a drop tine that I killed by my cabin in 2022.

Salt Lake City

Airports are mostly a hassle.  But some have some pretty snazzy views.

Heading up the Intracoastal

First light on the Texas coast while motoring Mistress up the ICW just before the new year.


Matamoros Refugee Camp

Matamoros refugee camp January 2020

The Volunteers

They are the do-gooders. The people who drop everything to lend a hand. They are the volunteers.

Trapped on the Border

Asylum seekers waiting on the Mexico side of the bridge to cross into the United States. Many of these people have waited for months for their chance to cross.

The Children of the Border

A photo series of the children of asylum seekers who have been caught up in the humanitarian crisis at the U.S./Mexico Border.

Corpus Christi

On the Border