Some weekends are simply better than others.  This was one of those better weekends.  Clear skies and calm wind conditions made for some great days sailing on Pensacola Bay.  It’s been hot, but the temps are always cooler on the water.  Sailed out to Roberson Island by Fort McCree and dropped anchor for a day of drifting on the hook on both Friday and Sunday.  It was a great time for jumping off into the water, swimming around the boat, and tasting the salt on my lips while drying off under shade of the bimini with a cold drink and a bologna sandwich.

Saturday was spent wandering around Palafox market, made some new friends, and then strolled over a couple of blocks to Seville Quarter for cold beers and something to snack on.

Sunday, we soaked up as much of the day as we could and headed back under a setting sun that was punctuated with a flyover by the Blue Angels.  Everyone else seemed to have already gone home so we had the bay to ourselves. So I’d like to think the Blues buzzed the boat just for us.  It’s an experience that never gets old and an experience I’d love to show you sometime.

But days on the water under a hot summer sun have a way of making sleep so much better at night (As long as you didn’t get TOO much sun).  These days go by slow and that’s exactly the way I want it.  I didn’t get into sailing because I wanted to go fast.  I got into sailing because I wanted to cross over the deep places slowly.

I also spent a little time in the air this week on a last minute trip to Savannah. The more time goes on, the less time I want to spend in airports or on planes.  While I appreciate the speed of air travel and looking out the window at the world from 30 thousand feet, there’s not much else that appeals to me.  The chaotic energy of airports and how even the best first-class seat on a plane doesn’t come close to the comfort of my boat, or even my truck for that matter.  Flying these days just seems to suck the life out of me and most everyone else.

While air travel is ugly, Savannah is beautiful, and if you haven’t been, you should go and just wander around.  We took a morning to wander around Bonadventure Cemetery.  It’s the one made famous by the book, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and is everything that an old southern cemetery ought to be.  Almost two-hundred acres of ancient live oaks dripping with spanish moss and shading the graves and weathered tombstones of Savannah’s long ago ancestors.  I enjoy places like this.  The history and perspective they offer.  The reminder that our time on this planet is temporary.  The reminder that really all we can leave behind are stories and remnants of the lives we lived.  So plant a tree not to save the planet, but to offer a shady spot for someone you’ll never know to sit under and rest on a hot afternoon some hundred years in the future.  Live a good life that remind people that we were created for more than stress headaches and paying bills.  Remember that your time on this world is limited and your time should be protected.   Focus on the things that matter and let everything else slide.

Finally, I’m always looking for new customers who want to get a taste of this pirate life.  As a reminder, the Salty Summer Sale is going on and you can get 15% off all cruises booked during the month of June.  And yes, that means a cruise you want to go on in July or August or whenever.

But Sunday fundays always turn into Monday workdays, so back to the administrative side of this life.

Until next time… No hurries no worries,