I officially turned on the open sign for my new business, Pirate Professor Sailing Charters on Friday and the universe promptly responded by opening up hurricane season and raining all weekend.  The rain continues into today as a weather system sits on top the Florida panhandle.   Maybe I can get a sunset sail in tonight if the weather breaks to show you what you’re missing down here when it isn’t raining. Pensacola, is a good place.  A lot different than south Texas, but culturally feels a bit more like Arkansas with a dash New Orleans to spice it up. The winds are calmer and the water is clearer and I’m looking forward to spending most of my days sailing.

The past year has been a blur of work and change, leaving the safety net of academia behind to do this.  But, now I’m ready to share this pirate life I’ve created with folks on vacation who simply need a break and a chance to get their bearings.  Maybe for a day or maybe just for a couple of hours, we can get out on the water and give you a chance to leave your jobs, deadlines, e-mail, slack messages, politics, phones and stress behind.  Then maybe, just maybe you can get lost in the rhythms of the waves and the groove of the music as that big orange ball slips across the sky and down over the horizon. (Sometimes interrupted by the screaming awesomeness of the Blue Angels flying by the boat.)

Occasionally, people ask me what my plan is.  And that answer is pretty simple.  Put something good into the world and nurture it.  So that’s it, work to build an amazing charter company in Pensacola that people want to rebook as soon as they step off the boat.  Sure, I have to hustle and market and work to book charters so I can pay the bills, but something I learned a long time ago is that the most important thing is make something really great for people and remain connected to that purpose.  If I remain true to those principles, money will be the natural byproduct and this pirate can keep sailing.  But not only that, there will also be the making of new friends and customers and helping them create ripples of goodness to follow them home until we can sail again.

None of this would have happened if I didn’t make the decision to jump and put the work in to get here.  And we can’t watch the sun go down together over Pensacola Bay unless you also book a charter and get here.

So get here.

Just click the button and get the party started.

Let’s get salty, y’all!


The Pirate Professor