Would you like to go on a journey with me? I’m about to do something new and uncomfortable and I’d like to take you all along to keep me company. The good news is you can do it right where you are. About a year ago I realized that most of my writing and storytelling revolved around a common theme.


This takes a lot of different forms that I’ll wander through, but at it’s core we’re losing our connection to each other and the natural world while simultaneously being hyper-connected online. The result is a generation of the most anxious and depressed people to ever walk this planet.

For a while now I’ve been cobbling pieces into a book format, but reading a book isn’t where most of the people who need to read it are going to be found. As I used to tell my students, you reach people where they are and not where you want them to be.

So I’m going to do the exact thing experts say not to. I’m going to write it and let you read it as I go. Then, when it’s all said and done, I’ll do a final edit and get it printed so we can all stick it on our bookshelves and go back to remember the journey or share it with others.

Each weekday I’m going to publish a short piece to my website and then copy it to Facebook. Some will be longer than others, but none will be very long. I’ll include a link to the original post in the comments since the facebook gods will shortchange my reach if I make it in the original post. You can keep up there or ignore the social media algorithms and just subscribe on my website. So please read. Please comment. Please share. Then we’ll see what happens next.

Maybe someday we can sit around a campfire together on some beach or back in some holler watching the sparks make stars in the heavens. Until then, let’s go on an adventure.
Prologue… Darkest Before the Dawn 1

A twenty-year-old college student sits up all night in his apartment playing video games and smoking weed. His parents keep a little money in the bank for him to buy food and like most guys his age, that food either comes out of a fast food place or the microwave. Because he stays up late, he sleeps late and doesn’t get out of bed before noon if he doesn’t have to. Over the past couple of years, the trim body he had in high school from playing sports has grown soft and the freshman fifteen turned into thirty. God only knows the last time he did something physically difficult. He does his school work, but just enough to keep his scholarship and his parents off his back. His apartment is a wreck and he only does laundry when he has to. He doesn’t go out much because most of his friends are doing the same thing he’s doing. They spend more time talking to each other over headsets while they’re gaming. Graduation is a couple of years away, and he’s not really sure what he’ll do then. He’s just trying to get his degree and figures everything will work out. Who really knows anyway? The whole world is fucked up. He’s not going to worry about it. He can always move back home until he gets his feet under him.

But, he’s also depressed and doesn’t know why. When he thinks about it, nothing seems bad about his life so he doesn’t know what the problem is. He’s also having a hard time finding a girlfriend. He’s tried the dating sites, but nothing seems to work. Porn seems less complicated and more satisfying because he can’t seem to figure out how girls think. He just feels awkward when he tries to talk to them and doesn’t get why he’s still single. But, whatever. Everything is just stupid anyway. He takes a hit and picks up his game controller.

Another shot of THC and another shot of dopamine to get him through another night.