Dania BeachI don’t know about you, but this pirate hates it when things get too high risey and condo-ee and way too busy.  I’ll take a quiet beachwith blue water, some shade and a tiki bar with cold beer and live music any day over crowded beaches full of obnoxious people and screaming kids.  Which is why the Miami area is one of my least favorite places to travel.  It has its own vibe, but it’s not my vibe.  The food is good, the water is pretty but everything is over priced and crowded with the kind of irritating people I typically avoid.  Ask anyone from Key West and they’ll agree with me. (Secret… people in Key West can’t stand people from Miami.)

But, here’s another secret that I’ll let you in on.  If you want a quiet little oasis amidst all that chaos, may I suggest Dania Beach?  It’s just 15 minutes from the Fort Lauderdale airport and while it still isn’t an island in the Caribbean, it’s definitely and island in a world stuffed with high rise buildings and ridiculous traffic.  There are a bunch of smaller and older condos to stay that are right on the beach.  The beach itself is fantastic.  Soft sand and tons of sea shells to pick through if you’re into that.  The water is clear with a soft sandy bottom that you can wade out into and just let that salt water wash over you.  We rented an apartment and cooked our own food.  BUT, if you decide to go out, this pirate recommends Tiki Tiki’s.  It’s a giant Tiki Bar right on the waterfront.  The food is good, the beer is cold, and the atmosphere is fantastic.  Personally, I recommend the tuna nachos if you like sushi.  Super tasty.  The prices aren’t cheap but not stupid expensive either.

If you have business in Miami, it’s a bit of a drive depending on traffic (about an hour if it’s busy).  But, well worth it in this pirate’s humble opinion.  This is definitely where you’re going to find me whenever I have to come back to Miami.

I give it four jolly rogers


Dania Beach Pier


Tiki Tiki's